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 Downloading from Nokia store to N8-00....

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PostSubject: Downloading from Nokia store to N8-00....   Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:37 am

Maybe it have been said already before,but since I dont see it here I have to ask you people about it. Problem is this: I cant connect to Ovi store,or with another words-I cant download anything from Nokia Store via PC. I have account there ,logged in with my e-mail ,Nokia Suite is on and there where it is written "download with you PC" is blank. I am clicking on it,but nothing...

Why I cant download anything from PC and Nokia store and how to properly connect (if I wasnt properly connected) to be able to download some theme,utilitie,maybe viber,whatsapp or etc.?

Actually it gets quite irritating because I cant connect to Ovi store via mobile,I can do it with my laptop,but cant download anything with it either...
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Downloading from Nokia store to N8-00....
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